How To Use Linktree For Business

If the ability to have people match the visual post with a link isn’t important, then the text links work just fine. There is a bunch of other options out there but the best way is to create a landing page on your own site.

You're Using Linktree Wrong. Here's How to Fix It

This enables you to add multiple links to your direct sales instagram profile.

How to use linktree for business. This will ensure that linktree will link up properly with your business’s instagram account. Also make sure this page in the navigation menu or linked anywhere else on your site as you only want people to come to this page from the link in your instagram bio. You don’t have to use linktree to share multiple links.

Easily managed creating a linktree takes seconds. This means no data for your retargeting ads 😭. You load up multiple links in linktree and then use their unique link to post on your instagram account.

Linktree is simple to use. With the free version of linktree, your visual options are pretty limited. Find out what that means here.

Follow these steps to do so now: With linktree, you have the option to customize the links and give your followers the option of where to go! However it depends on what your goal is.

Your custom linktree link can be used anywhere, not just instagram. Make sure you’re logged into the instagram account you want linktree connected to. With the lifetime contactinbio business plan ($91), you can link your youtube channel, etsy, teachable, social media platforms, and facebook private group.

You can either google linktree or click here. You just need to visit the website and create an account. Today’s website users are especially wary of redirects—making it of critical importance to ensure your followers don’t cut.

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Once you've set up your linktree and added all your links, simply copy your unique linktree url and paste it into the 'website’ field of your instagram or twitter bio, or share it in facebook posts and youtube videos. Type in your instagram username and password. If you are starting your business, go for the annual alternative that’s around $48.

Click the green sign up with instagram button. Chances are you’ve already set up your site to track metrics using squarespace analytics or google analytics, and it’s more likely to get tracked if you have all your website’s analytics in one place. Linktree is what marketers call a 'bio link tool'.

Branding is everything when it comes to your business. Safe, trusted, private privacy is. Use linktree as an opportunity to extend your branding by taking the time to strategically craft the right look and feel of your link hub.

Once it is set, any of your followers can click on it and see all of the links you have added to your linktree profile. 3rd party apps like linktree give you no easy/free way to track analytics and figure out if your links are converting. People click one link in your profile, and it opens a few branches (via buttons) that link to different topics that you’re presumably mentioning in your instagram post.

After you have set up your linktree account, drop the link in the comments below! Linktree is simple to use. You can set up and start using your profile in less than five minutes.

Linktree is a great tool to use except when you’re doing a promotion or special sale. Linktree is simple and intuitive. When to use linktree for your instagram™ bio.

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Linktree is a popular 3rd party app you can use to get around the “one link” rule on instagram. It’s a site that provides you options to link many pages to your instagram account via a unique url. The above features are free with the basic linktree account however you can access additional features under their pro pack which is currently priced at usd6.00 per month.

You can find out more here! The app creates a linktree branded landing page for you to add multiple links to, and then you. When we tried it, it took about 5 minutes to set up, front to back.

I use linktree myself as an additional tool in my marketing strategy. On my new blank page i added my instagram handle @loririddle_ at the top. Seemingly, it is a great solution to only being able to use one link* on instagram *unless you have over 10k followers and have the swipe up option in stories.* but… i don’t recommend using linktree to.

Click “sign up with instagram.”. Now, copy the linktree link from the linktree website. You can even use it to link to an online survey that you have created in another platform such as google forms, survey monkey or typeform.

It’s pretty cool that linktree thought to include analytics in their service, but it’s one more thing you have to log into at the end of each week when you are tracking your site metrics. You can drive people to multiple pieces of content and you don’t have to update your instagram™ bio on a daily basis. I forgot to get an image of that screen.

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And don’t worry, we have a solution for you! How about having a “shop” “host”, and “join” button so that when each is clicked, it takes the follower to the exact website link to shop, host, and join. The next screen you will see will be to select a plan for your linktree account.

Using a 3rd party service like linktree for the 1 and only link you get on instagram is a huge missed opportunity for marketing your business effectively. Once you login, you must authorize linktree. So when should you use linktree?

Linktree is easy to build and takes no coding skills. If you are done with adding the link, click on submit. Then, paste that link in the website section of your profile as shown below.

If your goal is to get a lot of sale to your website fast, then linktree can be great, but if the goal is to get traffic to your website i would put links to reviews and articles in the linktree. I’m sure you are asking, :what is linktree?” and that’s a very good question. This tool is a landing page in itself!

Linktree has a dynamic integration system that works well with everything from emails, facebook, and amazon.

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